About Us

We started in E-commerce in 2015 as a husband-and-wife team originally based in Casper, Wyoming, and have been improving and expanding ever since – including a move to Kingman, Arizona, right off old Route 66.  We decided to open up ederracore.com about a year ago because of our shared interest and belief in the future of sex dolls. 

We noticed the vast majority of sites selling sex dolls geared towards the United States market are not based in the United States (despite the claims on their sites), had little useful information to allow consumers to make an informed decision (for example, offering different skeleton types without a clear explanation of what that means), were sometimes difficult to navigate, had no true contact point (automated responses are great but sometimes you need answers to questions that aren’t listed), and would often have something that triggered a sense of scam behavior (so this doll was originally $3,500, but you can sell it to me for $2,000, you swear it will be here in two days and you will gladly take it back no questions asked if I change my mind?  And you sell nearly every doll in existence with options the manufacturer doesn’t even offer?). 

We wanted to create a site that is trustworthy, easy to use and navigate, discrete and private, and last but not least, one where you always have someone to call and talk to if you have questions or who can handle problems in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your order.  At Ederracore.com, we not only have a great team dedicated to customer service, but we also have a great team that is passionate about finding the best dolls from the best brands and bringing them to our customers at great prices. 

Buying a doll should not be a frustrating event, and it definitely should not be anxiety inducing.  It should be fun.  Our goal is to have a happy, satisfied customer that is confident in his or her purchase being the right product, regardless of the individual’s familiarity with dolls or budget.