Age Policy

If you are under the age of eighteen, this site is not suitable for your viewing.  Please choose another site. 

This site sells products that may be deemed inappropriate in some regions.  This site is based in Kingman, Arizona of the United States of America.  Our original intent was to sell products to the United States, where our products are uniformly legal past the age of eighteen.  After repeated requests from international visitors to our site, we have expanded our market but it is very difficult to keep up with every regions' rules.  At this time, we ask our website visitors to familiarize themselves with their local laws on our products before purchase.  If we are aware the products are banned for sale in the city/state/province/county/country of a customer's shipping address, we will inform the customer and cancel the sale.  If a sale slips by, we do not take responsibility for the customer's choice to order an item that may be prohibited in their region or any consequences that result.  We do not take responsibility for items seized by the local authorities based on local laws during or after shipping.