Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

Ederracore has some of the best doll prices on the internet and not only are we quite proud of this fact, we are quite confident that you will be hard pressed to find better prices because we typically price our dolls at the manufacturers’ minimum retail price.  If you purchase a doll from us and find the exact same doll at a lower price from an authorized and verified competitor with the same options, we will refund the difference.  This means we will contact the manufacturer to verify they sell to the supplier and it isn’t a site using one companies’ pictures while providing dolls from a cheaper company.

We do not price match to companies that only allow prices to be seen after logging in.

We do not price match to all special sales prices – contact us and we will decide on a case-by-case basis. 

We cannot price match to prices set below the minimum retail price set by the manufacturer unless the manufacturer gives us an exception (such as due to a holiday sale).

The item must exactly match the doll/type/condition/configuration to price match (for example, we cannot price match an in stock doll to a custom ordered doll, or a new doll to a used doll, or a doll with robotic hips to a standard doll, or a four foot six inch doll to a five foot ten inch doll). 

We will try our best to work with our customers without violating the agreements set with our manufacturers (this is why we can stand firmly behind our guarantees) so when in doubt, give us a call.