Sex Doll FAQs

Silicone Vs TPE – what should I choose?

            Choose based on the features most important to you.  Silicone tends to look more realistic – especially for highly detailed faces – has no odor, requires less maintenance, is more durable and damage resistant, is easier to clean (non porous), is more heat resistant and ages more slowly.  The disadvantages of silicone are that it tends to be heavier, is more expensive, feels slightly less realistic due to being slightly stiffer and less elastic, and loses heat faster. 

TPE feels more realistic as it is slightly softer/more elastic (giving it a better jiggle to the breasts and buttocks), is lighter weight, is less expensive, and holds heat longer.  The disadvantages of TPE are that it is more delicate, it ages faster, some TPE formulations have a slight odor (although not everyone can smell it), it looks less realistic, it requires more maintenance, it is more work to clean, and it is less damage resistant.

Want the detail of silicone but the less expensive price tag and feel of TPE body?  Hybrid dolls are TPE bodies with silicone heads.  They are less expensive (and lighter) than a full silicone doll with the soft body feel of TPE and the highly detailed faces available with silicone. 

What Are Solid Breasts vs Hollow Breasts vs Gel Breasts?

Solid breasts are made of the same TPE or silicone material as the rest of the body and feel soft when compressed or squeezed but are firmer overall than hollow or gel breasts and the movement is less lifelike – the material is denser and the jiggle becomes more cartoonish like.

Hollow breasts are quite literally hollow, with an air cavity inside to help give a softer (and more lifelike) feel as well as closer movement to real breasts.  Hollow breasts are usually available without any additional cost and are a nice compromise between lifelike and no additional expense.  The disadvantage of hollow breasts is that they can be more fragile or easy to damage and are not suitable for all sizes of breast (such as very large or very small).  On the plus side, they also reduce the weight.  

            Gel Breasts, not available on all dolls or by all brands and not all sizes within participating brands, are the ultimate in realistic feel and appearance, although on some brands they seem to add a realistic slight droop effect to the breasts which might not be to everyone’s taste.  They are also an upgrade and thus an additional expense.

Aren’t All Feet Standing Feet?

            The very short answer is that silicone or TPE dolls tend to be heavy and all the weight concentrated on the soft skin of the soles of the feet can lead to damage (e.g. the skeleton poking through the skin).  One of the more common ways manufacturers combat this is to attach bolts to the skeleton to distribute the weight directly.  This does leave visible bolts on the soles of the feet.  However, a few companies do make an upgrade of “boltless standing feet.”

            If perfectly lifelike feet are your priority, choose non standing feet.  If a doll that can be posed standing is more important, choose the standing feet.   

What Doll Should I Get?

            There are some very long and complicated answers to this question but it really boils down to your preference, your budget and your intended use.  Someone buying a doll for companionship will look for different things than someone buying a doll to use for photography.  Budget is usually the constraining factor but we do carry a large range of brands for this exact reason.  Whether you want a perfectly lifelike doll that breathes, moves, feels warm and moans to fulfill your every fantasy or a torso for the occasional convenient bit of fun, we can help you find what you are looking for.  Feel free to contact us.          

What Doll Should I Get to Surprise my Hubby/Wifey/Child/Friend?

            Choosing a doll is very personal, and it is an especially sensitive topic with couples.  While it is always fun to surprise a person with a gift, unless this is something you have already discussed and know the other person’s specific taste in and comfort level with dolls, we do not recommend buying someone else a doll without their knowledge.    

            We highly recommend couples choose a doll together after setting a budget and discussing each other’s boundaries.  For dolls to be used entirely by another person, we recommend giving a gift card (use our contact form or email us at to get a gift card).  Please remember, due to hygiene issues you cannot return a used sex doll.

Can I Show You A Few Pictures And Get A Doll Made?

            At one time we did talk to several brands about having individual dolls made for customers.  One-off dolls are extremely expensive and time consuming.  While many customers are initially interested, their interest usually wanes in favor of a less expensive and more immediately available model.  Additionally, as business continues to increase, the waiting lists stretched to over a year out while some brands phased out this option altogether.  At this time, we no longer offer this service due to the extreme wait times.            

Do You Sell Child Dolls?

            No, we do not sell child dolls.

Do I Need to Clean My Doll?

            Yes, absolutely.  You should clean your doll before using it and after every use.  Dolls come with instruction booklets from the manufacturer (KEEP THIS SAFE as some brands print a verification code to prove the authenticity of your doll on this booklet).  This should be your primary source of information.  If you have lost the booklet, we do have guidelines in our blog for specific instructions given by some brands and general instructions that apply to most dolls. 

Dolls Don’t Require Maintenance, Do They?

            Yes, maintenance schedules vary by brand.  Some suggest after each use, others suggest weekly, biweekly, monthly or only when needed for best preservation of your doll.  This information can be found in the booklet most brands send with their doll.  If the brand you selected does not come with a booklet, or you have misplaced it, we have basic maintenance for most brands and a general guide to doll maintenance in our blog. 

Fixed Vagina vs Removable Vagina

            Removable vaginas, as the name implies, can be removed from the doll for easy cleaning.  This greatly simplifies the cleaning process so why would you choose anything else considering it looks the same from the outside?  Well, some people report the removable vaginas don’t always hold completely still in place (this appears to be more of a problem after being used for a while).  This isn’t dangerous but more of a minor nuisance as some people find it slightly distracting.      

Bathing Your Sex Doll

            There is a longer and more detailed blog post on this subject but in short, while sponge baths are great, taking your doll into the bath or shower is an at your own risk proposition.  If your doll has internal robotics with plugs at the skin surface, we do not recommend submerging your doll.  Remember, dolls can be heavy and wet doll skin isn’t the easiest to grip.  Add a slippery wet walking surface and it is taking a risk.  Rust is dangerous for the skeleton so we do not recommend exposing the neck area or feet with bolts to water without protection.