Doll Forever

    Leah 5ft 3in | 160cm

      Doll Forever

      Leah 5ft 3in | 160cm

      Sale price $1,350.00Regular price $0.00
      Regular price $1,350.00
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      Leah 5ft 3in | 160cm
      Sale price $1,350.00Regular price $0.00
      Regular price $1,350.00


      I bought the an in stock doll so she came pretty quickly, no damage however she was missing her wig. I called customer service and they sent one out to me no charge no fuss. I am very satisfied with my doll and with the site.

      Brian ****

      This was my first time ordering from this site so I was not quite sure what to expect but so far I am quite happy. Customer service contacted me a day or so after placing my order with production time and shipping estimates and when the doll was done they sent me pictures to confirm that it looked exactly as I wanted. Everything after that is pretty uneventful and pretty standard. My doll arrived almost perfect. There was a small tear in the arm from shipping so I called customer service to let them know and to see if there was anything that could be done. Sara from customer service sent me a video on how to repair the tear and refunded me $50.00. I will be a return customer.

      Andy ****

      Got my big plump dolly in the mail yesterday, looks every bit as good as on the site. I had a-lot of fun checking the umm build quality on it.


      The doll is a bit smaller than I thought; for some reason she looked bigger in the photos. Other than being on the small side I have no complaints I have been enjoying this doll since it arrived.


      I contacted customer service to see if they had anything in my budget. I did not want a torso or a butt as I just find those incomplete. After a few minutes of chatting and searching they sent me a link to mini doll. She does not have the features of the larger dolls but she gets the job done and looks better than I expected for the price.

      Chris ****
      Additional info of 5th author

      I ordered the a sex doll butt because I was not sure if sex dolls were for me. The butt took a couple weeks to get to me but it did come. The butt came pretty well packed, no damage and looks pretty much like I expected. I have used it a quite few times now and I am very pleased with it. No wear or damage from use or storage would by again.


      I really liked the body type of this torso, most are really big up top and a bit too exaggerated for me so when I found this torso I thought I would give it a try. The torso is lighter weight than I thought which is a good thing and it looks pretty much like the pictures so no surprises. Feels amazing 10/10.

      Dan ****

      The torso came packaged quite well and didn’t take too long to get here. I am a bit surprised about that because I chose the free shipping option. As other people have said in their reviews there were no surprises the torso looks just like in the pictures and there was no damage. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, I will update this review if needed.

      Joe ****

      I ordered my doll with a few customizations and was not disappointed. Production time was a bit longer than I expected but I was sent pictures of my completed doll prior to shipping. When the doll arrived it matched the pictures I was sent by customer service. This is my first time ordering from this site so I was not entirely sure what to expect but so far so good. There were no tears, damage or marks on the doll which you sometimes get with cheaper dolls, the makeup was exactly as I requested and I am happy with the feel and performance of this doll.

      The Player

      I had been looking at the robotic dolls section for a while now so I called customer service to find out exactly what exactly they do and what they require. Greg sent me several videos of the dolls in action with moving hips blow job movement etc… so I bought one. Greg did inform me that a fully optioned doll would take a while to build and that he would keep me updated on the status. Greg sent me pictures and videos of the completed doll and shipping really did not take as long as I thought. The doll arrived completely unharmed and once assembled Gabriella looked amazing. This has been on of my best purchases in a while and I look forward to buying from Ederracore again.

      Harem Master

      I Received an email from CS pretty quickly giving me an estimate on production and shipping times. I Received pics and videos of the completed doll before it shipped. Doll arrived just fine, pretty much exactly what I was looking for, no complaints from me.


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